Disney Cars Birthday Party

These are the reasons why I couldn’t sleep tight for the past few weeks..hehe! My son is now 4 and he requested to have a birthday party. The theme is Disney Cars like last year. Actually we held a small party last year with minimal decoration and limited invitation.

The bright red and black latex balloons were bought from Glowing Party House. I found their FB a few days before the party while looking for Cars foil balloons. The rest of the latex balloons were bought in Toys R Us the week before.

For the balloon sticks I bought 50 of them at SeaStar Party Shop.

If you are planning to get a helium filled foil balloons, you can get them at Glowing Party House. If you want to fill with normal air (like the small foil balloons I bought from Toys R Us), you have to tie it to balloon sticks.

Fruit tarts, cheese tarts and cream puffs were ordered from Kak Yati of Kay Bakery. Birthday cake, brownies and chocolate chip cupcakes were ordered from my friend Sya of Luscious Brownies & Cakes.

SIL came earlier on the party day and helped me to fry the nuggets and steam the hotdog. Hubby and niece were the one who decorate those tidbits with the printables and arrange everything on the table.

For the cupcakes, I just add on the Disney Cars cupcake toppers. Been doing the cutting and sticking job at night after son has fall asleep..huhu!

Overall I am happy with the outcome of this Disney Cars party. Perhaps next year we could find more Cars related items in the market. I’m sure it will take years for dear Son to get over his obsession with Cars..haha! I can always keep most of the party decoration and re-use them year after year.

Next in list are to get checkered flags, black and white checkered table cover and more Cars foil balloons.


    1. I can’t really remember where i get the banner, it’s either at Toys R Us or the SeaStar party shop..we bought it for my son’s 2011 birthday party and just recycled again for his 2012 party 🙂

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