Boh Tea Plantation Sg Palas

This is my second visit to Boh tea plantation in Sungai Palas, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands. The first time was about 14 years ago. Many things have changed for example the ride up to the tea factory and tea centre. Last time we can drive straight up the hill but now you have to park at the bottom, near the staff living quarters and walk up the hill.


The tea plantation is open everyday except Monday for public from 9 am to 4:30pm. The admission is free. If you come early, you can see how they process the tea at the factory.


I have taken some pictures in the factory but I will have to wait for permission to publish them in my blog.


Some of the history taken from

BOH Plantations was founded in 1929 by J.A. Russel, a British businessman during the British colonial era in Malaya. He was optimistic of the tea plantation business due to huge demands despite of the world-wide Great Depression at that time. As a result of the potential, he applied for and was granted a concession of land for his first tea garden in Habu, Cameron Highlands.

Today, BOH Plantations owns three tea gardens – the first garden in Habu, Fairlie Tea Garden and Sungai Palas Tea Garden. To ensure the freshness of its tea products, BOH Plantations also set up a packaging factory near its main garden. BOH tea products are distributed both in domestic and international markets.


There is also exhibition hall, audio visual room and souvenir/retail shop at the Sg Palas tea centre. I bought a lot of BOH products at their retail shop since I am a tea drinker.


Make sure you go to their cafe to enjoy the premium tea and snacks like this apple pie while enjoying the captivating panoramic view of the tea plantation. When I was there on the balcony, it was so windy. It was refreshing to eat the pie while sipping on the hot tea.


After the tea and the pie we walked down to our car. There is another way to go up and down to the centre from the designated parking area. You can take picture and even rest for a while on the bench.


If you are bringing a child on a stroller maybe you have to walk on another road as the one by the tea bushes have many stairs. It was a great experience for me to visit BOH Sg Palas tea plantation again after all these years. If you happen to come to Cameron Highlands and love nature, this place is a must visit.

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