Big Bad Wolf Books Sale 2012

It’s that time of the year that I really, really look forward too..The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale..hehe..even though I still have loads of books bought from the past 3 years unread..

For those planning to go this year, the event will be held at MINES convention centre..yup..I know..I somehow prefer MAEPS like last year even though I have to take a tram to the book sale and later Hubby came with car to fetch all those boxes full of books.

This time I think I will be more moderate in choosing what kind of books I want to buy..make sure I really want to read them, then only I will buy..(I saw Johanna Lindsey and lots of Danielle Steele, have to check which titles I already have in possession)..oh, dear Son also wants some books based on what he saw on the BBW website..

Oh, for the first weekend, 6-8 Dec, they will be open for 63 hours non you can always go and buy books after a teh tarik at 2am..Hubby said we should go after son’s birthday party on Saturday, that if I still have energy after being a hostess and blowing like 100 balloons..haha!

See you there people, bookworms 🙂

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