Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2012

We finally managed to go to BBW sale last Friday..well actually it’s not was 12 am on Saturday..spent like 3 hours plus browsing the romance/general fiction and best sellers aisles while Hubby checked out the children section.

Told myself that I will only buy books that I’m going to finish reading in I was so happy when I found two books by Alison Weir. Last year I bought Innocent Traitor and love it so I have been hoping to find The Lady Elizabeth during BBW sale this year.

The afternoon before we went to the sale, BBW Facebook page advertised about J.K Rowling, The Tales of Beedle The Bard. I was not really hoping to find the book but while browsing the activity books for children, I saw a few pieces left so I grabbed one and put in the box..heh!

I found one Jude Deveraux and just took it. Hopefully it’s a good book. I’ve never read Alexandra Potter so why not give it a chance this time. My friend mentioned about Steve Berry a few times so I thought for RM8, why not? If I really can’t stand the story line or the style of his writing I can always give the book to someone else later, right?

Mama Kucing mentions about Manju Kapur in her FB and blog, so since I found one..I just take it. I bought Rani Manicka’s The Rice Mother two years ago but still couldn’t find the time to read it so I’m not sure whether I will like Manju Kapur’s book..huhu! But then, that’s the beauty of BBW, it gives you the chance to buy and try to read author’s work that you might not even consider spending RM40 per book in retail bookstore. And if you find you like the author, you will be looking forward to his/her next book and wouldn’t mind paying the full price for it.

I am so happy to see Mitch Albom’s Have A Little Faith in stack. I have been eyeing the hardcover book since last year in Borders but since it is so expensive, I just tell myself, next time if during BBW they have it, then I’ll buy it..huhu! I’ve read most of his books and really love his writing. His latest fiction is The Time Keeper, published last September.

Unfortunately there was not much choice in craft section that day. I managed to get 4 related books, one of them is Papercrafting by Donna Dewberry. Oh, I also found a Maths book for 4-5 year old. I hope I could use it to homeschool my son next year.

Overall I am happy with the outcome of the visit to BBW even at such wee hour. People with sleepy eyes were walking like zombies by the time I paid for the books..haha! So for those who still couldn’t make it, check out their last sale this weekend. Hopefully they have another 60 hours mission so that night owls like me can go and do massive book shopping (again???)..hahaha!

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