The Trip To Kellie’s Castle, Perak

I’ve heard about Kellie’s Castle many times but never thought I would actually go and visit the place. However since the castle was on the way from the destination we went to a few months ago, I decided to stop and have a look.


Some people claim that the castle is haunted but fortunately I didn’t see any paranormal activity while we were there..hehe! I researched about the castle after we came home and found many interesting info here : Kellie’s Castle


The Kellie’s Castle was meant to be the center of the wealthy colonial planters and administrators to socialize. The mansion was built with a six storey tower, magnificent columns and even a wine cellar. There was also to be a rooftop courtyard for holding parties and an elevator which was at that time, the first in the country of Malaysia. Though plans were grand and full of luxury, the building was never completed. Construction began in 1915 but came to a halt in December 1926 with the unexpected death of its owner, William Kellie Smith.

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The entrance ticket is RM5 for adult, and RM3 for kids. It is open from 9am till 6pm. If you are a history buff and already in the area of Ipoh, go have a look. Who knows you might see some ghost apparitions while you are there!

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