MAHA 2012

It’s that time of the year again. For those who love plants, fruits, to see livestock and farming machinery, this is your chance to check out MAHA 2012.

I’ve been to MAHA every year, mostly to check out the floriculture booths selling plants and fertilizers..haha! But this year I can’t wait to bring dear son to check out the farming machinery. Last year we brought him to see the livestock though I personally hate the smelly goats, sheep and cows..huhu!

MAHA 2012 will start tomorrow, from 23 November till 2 Dec 2012. If you are not sure what to do with your children during this school holiday, bring them to Serdang to check out the exhibitions. I’m sure it will be one great, educational trip for them.


  1. Hi !
    Still ambil order for Bunga Telur Getah ?
    Boleh PM the quotation for 150 – 200 pcs ?

    Appreciate a reply.

    Thanks Dear.

    1. Salam..if for march 2013, dah tak sempat dah ni..sbb dah ada order..please email me directly yer..nak kena tau design bunga daun getah yg mcm mana dulu baru boleh quote harga 🙂

  2. oh noo, i wish i’d read this sooner 🙁 looks like we’ll miss it again. terkilan la like this! by d way, i’ve been meaning to msg u on fb but somehow havent gotten around to it. ;D

    1. I pon have to miss MAHA this year..demam n all sort of urgent matters..insya-allah tahun depan boleh pegi msg la I on FB..hehe..

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