Gardenia Bunga Cina

It’s been a while since I last wrote about my other plants in the garden. I know..hehe..I think my rose obsession is getting under control now. The gardenia bloom again in May. I found this edited picture in June folder and thought I might as well write something.

It has been a pretty busy week since last week, or rather I am tired because I started to fast daytime to replace my puasa. Funny how when I am not fasting, I don’t really feel that tired or hungry or thirsty no matter how much house chores I do but when I fast, I start to feel really out of energy..mind game, huh?

Oh, coming back to the topic of my bunga cina plant, I saw today that there’s a new bud coming from the second plant. Early this year I started to propagate the gardenia and most of the cuttings survived. Maybe it’s time to propagate for the third one, what do you think?


  1. So jealous.. Mine died few months after buying it. Dah laa arwah ibu yg carikkan. Sempat laa tengok few bunga kembang. Time to find the pokok and try again! Nak kena carik cempaka keling jugak nih. Misi belum sempurna. 🙂

    1. Nanti aku semaikan utk ko yer..tak susah sgt semai from soft wood cuttings je..tapi gardenia mmg temperamental, kalo dia tak suka the environment dia takkan berjaya berbunga, buds kuar pastu gugur..

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