Sirih Junjung With Kekwa Pink

It was a last minute plan on Sunday to get a bunch of daun sirih and some flowers to accompany the sirih arrangement in what was supposed to be a DIY gubahan hantaran sirih junjung. The journalist for the bridal magazine was supposed to come on Monday afternoon for the photo shoot session.

However early in the morning on Monday he called and then sms stating that he has to reschedule to Tuesday due to a family emergency. It was not possible for me to do the photo shoot on weekdays so we reschedule it for another weekend..phew!!

So since I already made sirih junjung for the DIY session, I told him I will take some step by step pictures (with Hubby’s help of course) and pass the materials to him next time we meet.

I bought around 100 pieces of daun sirih and a bunch of pink and white kekwa, altogether cost me RM15.50. A stalk of dyed kekwa costs RM2 while the white one costs RM1. So I was like crazy taking a bunch even though I only ended using like 3 stalks..hehe!

This was what I made out of the leftover for the DIY sirih junjung. Actually I made like 3 simple sirih junjung just to get some new materials for my biz FB and craft blog.

So how do you like topiary as sirih junjung? Hubby said it looks funny since suddenly you have like a bunch of flower ball on top of some thin sticks..huhu! I like the idea because I get to use the pretty IKEA pot which I intend to do decoupage afterwards.

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  1. ok i seriously think its super cute! eh how many days’ notice do u need for sirih junjung, ye? my cousin’s getting married last minute. nope no funny bisnes tapi dia ni memang bujang terlajak yg takut commitment. last minit baru confirm. hahahaha

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