Kotak Decoupage For Bekas Hantaran

The photo shoot for magazine Hantaran Cinta went well last Saturday so I finally get to share some of the gubahan hantaran I made. Of course if you were to see the step by step DIY pictures you have to wait until it comes out in the next printed issue.

I am still practicing the doily stencil technique so I thought it’s a good chance for me to try on the empty tin biskut. Yes, this was made on Danish cookies container.

If you are interested to learn the basic of decoupage, hurry up and sign for the next class on 15th July. I think that will be the last decoupage class until after Hari Raya. The fee is RM60 for 2 hour lesson.

I also made bunga dip as bunga dulang in pink and purple color combination. These pictures were taken right after I completed the whole arrangement a few weeks ago so there’s no barang hantaran shown in the picture.

For those who want to make their own bunga dulang from bunga dip, lesson is available as well. Next class will be in September unless anyone interested to come for lesson during Ramadhan.

The step by step on how to arrange bunga dip to be bunga dulang and how to arrange the tin biskut into bekas hantaran should be available in the magazine (if the editor agrees to accept the materials..haha!)

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