Decoupage On Tin

I hardly do anything crafty just for the sake of personal usage. Reason being I am not the type of person who decorate my house and my crafty space..haha! I am more like a clutter freak and messy person in real life.

So when I bought the serviette with Cars design for my son’s birthday party, I have this idea on doing decoupage on the empty tin biskut. Yup, I have been doing decoupage since 2006 but I have never done any on food container like this round tin biskut.

The thing with decoupage is (or in this case the non 3D decoupage), the background color for the surface where you want to decoupage has to be in lighter tone, meaning you can’t choose dark color like dark green, dark purple, well, hope you get what I mean. So initially I gesso the surface in white and then later dab some yellow tone. After I have done sealing the serviette then I painted around the motif with the mix of red and gold acrylic.

I am planning to conduct another basic decoupage class in January 2012. So if you are interested to learn, let me know, leave a comment or email me. I will contact you once I have confirmed the date.

(Updated: The class for January will be on 22nd Jan, Sunday 3-5pm)

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