Good Bye 2011, Welcome 2012!

It’s the last day of year 2011.

Yes, time does fly fast for 2011. What could I say, I think for the past 364 days I’ve done my best for this year, there are of course many bittersweet memories, some are best erased from short term memory but not forgotten as it serves as good lesson. Things I’ve learned about life, motherhood, marriage, being myself.

I hope 2012 will be a better year. I don’t know what might lies ahead but I do hope it will be more kind and a smooth year for us as a family. I have set some goals, business wise and parenthood wise. I want to take things a little bit easier next year, not to stress myself too much..if only I can take things lightly..sigh!

Thank you 2011 for teaching me many things and hope 2012 will bring greater happiness.

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