Motherhood Can Be Boring

I have been having a massive internal conflicts for the last few days..(or was it weeks?..huhu!)

You know how sometimes even in your daily life, you feel, this you hate your job, but you need the salary, you hate your daily routine..or whatever you have to get through each single day, same old, same old..or how you have to think what to eat after work, or what to do on weekend..I’m sure you get what I mean..

Well, that’s how motherhood could be after a while. Although not many moms are brave to admit that. It’s like hey, you are a mom, you should be proud of your noble task of being a mom, why whine..why complain..well, moms are human too!

I have been reading thehappiestmom blog to get back my mojo on being a happy this is what I’m quoting from one of her posts – Motherhood can be boring.

“It’s not hard. It’s just not very exciting, and sometimes a life full of “not very exciting” can start to feel suffocatingly hard.”

“No, it’s not the mindless tasks I find myself dreading; it’s the idea that there’s all there is.”

Yup, you know it. The same old routine in a daily life of a mom, except on days that suddenly your child throws tantrum and in doing so has managed to create havoc in your sanity cycle..haha!

I know I must do something to fight this every-now-and-then-occuring-boredom disease. Even when I was not yet a mother a few years ago I always complained to my husband that I was bored at home..sigh! Maybe this is why people keep on getting pregnant years after years and have more babies so that their mind are forever occupied with more boring stuffs of being a mom..haha!

Well, for a start tomorrow I think I will have to do some gardening in the yard, just to get my ass outside of the confined and comfy zone of my bedroom and my laptop..and then perhaps I have to do some dramatic changes in the daily routine..err like go for a jog with my son in the rain? Maybe I should paint the floor and play hopscotch instead..what say you?

At least it feels good to read that there are other moms out there who feel bored and stuck in their roles as I do.

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  1. ohhh yes indeedy motherhood can be boring. when i didnt have ilan and gibran had started schooling, i went back to working part-time. and filled my mornings with gym, mummy friends and cooking lunch for the kid to eat once he returned home. now that i have ilan, it’s more chaotic, but i think yes thats why we wanted another baby, to kill off the boredom that comes when the older kid is growing older and more independent. hahahaaaa..

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