The Birthday Party – Theme Cars

After researching about theme party, I noticed most will have candy buffet. My initial plan was to get the big lollipop but since I couldn’t get the supply, we have to make do with whatever available in the market.

It was also a good excuse the get the 3-tier serving tray from IKEA..hehe! Niece #1 brought some colorful apam and I bought fruit tarts…so that’s where those desserts turned up for the party.

The big wall poster of Cars 2 which I bought from ebay safely arrived the week before party so Hubby put them up on the wall the night before the event.

I blew a few balloons and pasted them on the wall along side the red banners. I tied those balloons with yarn and then later used cellophane tape to stick the yarn onto the wall. The rest of the balloons on the stick was blown by Niece #1 while her daughter took a nap. Thanks Niece!!

The best part was when SIL and Niece came the afternoon of the party and helped me cooking the food, thank God! It took 3 batches of a big frying pan to fry all the chicken for nasi ayam. Of course the big frying pan was brought along by SIL since my small frying pan won’t do the job as fast as I planned. Even then we only finished cooking the food around 7pm when the party has to start around 8pm..huhu!

I didn’t manage to make mac n cheese or caramel popcorn as planned for the kids but Hubby said the spaghetti bolognaise will do. It turned out that most parents ate spaghetti after they ate nasi ayam…and I thought the menu was for the kids..hehe! Not sure what the kids ate (maybe those nuggets with Cars stickers stuck to the toothpicks) as I was either too busy entertaining and later coaxing my son to blow the birthday candle..huhu!

Well, that’s basically how our first birthday party experience as parents. Could do better next year, if there’s one..huhu!

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