Bunga Dip For Gubahan Hantaran

Still on the subject of bunga dip, for the past 5 years or so that I have been conducting kelas bunga dip, many participants who came for the class were mostly eager to make bunga telur and bunga dulang for gubahan hantaran or as bunga pahar to be put on the side of their pelamin.

(This bunga dulang dip – the mini size version was done during last class by one of the participants)

A few managed to do so and shared their creations with me. I am always proud to see how they have utilized the knowledge they got from my short 3-hour lesson. Of course if you want to make such a delicate looking and detailed creation, you have to experiment more and practise more.

But for someone who suka-suka and want to see something made from their own two hands (especially during their own wedding or engagement), I would say that was good enough.

One thing I love the most during class is the opportunity to see how people use their creativity. Rather than simply tiru cara cikgu buat bulat-bulat, some are brave and imaginative to use whatever size of beads/pearls available to embellish the middle of the bunga dip. Check out the big, bright yellow pearls she used in the picture above..hehe!

Well, eventhough I never made it as cikgu sekolah (I applied KPLI many times) but here I am as a cikgu kelas bunga telur..haha!


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