Some New Addition To The Kitchen

After some calculative thought, I decided to buy this UDDEN console as the kitchen island for now.

Well, I don’t really need an island in order to cook daily dishes to feed the family, but having some special space to cut and put ingredients are definitely a good way to save some stress running around in the kitchen.

The console is stainless steel so the cleaning up is really a breeze. Plus it is quite high, thus I don’t have to worry so much about leaving the knife on the chopping board while I go to the fridge to get some more cooking materials.

I also bought the wire shelf so that I can put all the pots that I use on daily basis. I am the type of person who forget about tools and things that I have in my possession if I can’t see them in front of my eyes..heh! Well, some would say it’s a sore to their eyes to see things not hidden in kitchen cabinet, but I rather be a practical person than someone who values appearance more than its real value.

Oh, the best part is I managed to have this sideboard with minimal cost…thanks to handy manny Hubby. After browsing IKEA hackers website, I told Hubby about my plan to make my own sideboard, so that I can put more kitchen equipments (that are rarely being used but will be fully utilised if put outside) like food processor and mixer while using the power point at that side of the wall.

Hopefully Hubby will have some free time soon to write about his hacking experience. The sideboard project is not fully completed yet as we plan to find MDF or plaster board and make panels for both sides and back of the sideboard. Maybe we will put wallpaper on the handmade panels later.

This hacker sideboard is also great to be made into a counter bar as it is high enough for a toddler to climb onto..(you wish!!)

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