Gambar Bunga Telur Dip

Entri ini akan ditulis dalam Bahasa Melayu dan English rojak**

I noticed a lot of viewers yang datang ke blog ni, cari pasal gubahan hantaran, cara buat bunga dip, gambar bunga telur dan sebagainya.

I realized not many people are willing to share cara-cara buat bunga dip online. I for once don’t have the facilities utk ambik video or gambar step by step utk buat bunga dip ni. It takes a lot of effort and time to do such thing.

This is one of the latest pictures taken during March class. For those who are interested to learn cara-cara buat bunga pahar dan bunga dulang utk gubahan hantaran, the class for April is still available. Of course you can learn through books and magazine.

If you buy Alaf 21, Variasi Gubahan Pengantin or Variasi Hiasan Hantaran books, you will see how the author shows step by step technique to do all kind of bunga telur (bunga dip, bunga sabun, bunga organza) and bunga dulang as hiasan for hantaran.

Even the magazine Pesona Pengantin shares such buat sendiri techniques, but of course not as elaborate and detailed if you learn on hands in class.

Personally I feel that not all people can learn through books and online learning methods. For those, I will advise you to find a teacher or someone who is willing to teach and guide you along the way.

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