Why Boys Like Car Toys?

Nature is mysterious, you never know for sure why certain things happen the way they are. Same goes to the fact of why boys like car toys and girls love dolls.

Quoting from an article I read online,

A traditional sociological explanation is that boys and girls are socialized and encouraged to play with different types of toys by their parents, peers, and the “society.” Growing scientific evidence suggests, however, that boys’ and girls’ toy preferences may have a biological origin.

We have exposed our son to a lot of other toys – bike, train, kitchen set, hand puppet, books, art and craft, stuff toys. The only thing we will not buy for him is a Barbie. He plays with all those toys mentioned above but nothing caught his eye like a car toy…the sparkle in his eyes that is worth more than RM6.90 per hot wheels. As I am writing this now, he is asleep with 2 of those cars. I think boys are just wired that way..heh!

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