Games to Teach Reading Designed with Cognitive Development

Reading is an important skill for a child to learn and there are different teaching methods that can be used to help a kid develop this knowledge. One of the ways is to introduce a young mind to games to teach reading, especially games that have been designed to improve a child’s cognitive development.

What is cognitive development? It is a process through which a person improves their ability to think, learn, reason, remember, understand, and take meaning from the world that surrounds them. Reading is a cognitive activity and it involves more than simply knowing letter sounds. Kids need to learn how to combine their letter knowledge with other clues that exist inside and outside of text in order to gain true value from language and become effective readers. Thus, games to teach reading that focus on the cognitive processes that lies behind reading, and provide kids with various opportunities for practicing will help them develop better thinking habits, making them better readers.

Learning how to read effectively isn’t only simply a matter of learning the alphabet, recognizing letters and sounding out words, it’s also a matter of gaining true comprehension of what is being learned through critical thinking and problem solving strategies. Hence, games to teach reading that provide these types of challenges command the attention of a child and help them develop the many skills that are essential for reading. Such interactive games can be found online.

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