The 2011 Vacation

I know, it’s not even December, but hey, what’s wrong with having an early vacation planning now, right? Ever since we have a child, traveling is no longer fun..oh, even pre-baby years, I was never fond of traveling. It is tiring and sometimes being caught in the traffic or get stuck at the airport make it all worse.

Do you know what kind of vacation you love? Is it adventure, urban, scenic or beach vacation? I know that I am not an adventurous type. The idea of going for a hike, cross country ski, white water rafting, camping with no electricity are certainly not in the list when anyone mentions vacation to me.

I usually will seek out travel advice online because I need to prepare myself mentally whenever we want to go on vacation. I need to know what’s the hotel will be like, where will I get my lunch, dinner, supper, will there be any place for me to do some shopping, you know things like that.

Now that I have a child, I need a stronger mental preparation. I need to look out for ways to entertain my son while enduring the long hour of the trip. I have to know whether the kid-friendly environment as mentioned in the hotel website is up to my standard of expectation. And most important fact of all, will we enjoy the vacation as family.

I hope doing the vacation planning homework earlier will not disappoint me, hopefully it will be helpful. After all I really need next year vacation trip to refresh my mind and soul.

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