Love World Love Sloggi

*This post is written for Love World Love Sloggi contest *

What do you love about world? For me, the world is lovable because I have my family with me, my son and my husband.

Or in another word, you could say that it’s the people who make up this world that make it so special and meaningful.

Rather than looking at the world as a mere place to live, I strongly believe that we as humans are supposed to make it cleaner, safer and a haven for all living beings.

Like when you pollute the world, be it intentionally or unintentionally, you are putting the earth in greater peril than ever.

Don’t you want to take action today, to be a part of a larger community that shows their love and support for our one and only World on Earth?

So think again, what do you really love about this world?

Is it because it is full of Surprises?

Laughter..and smiles of your loved ones..

Opportunities that will bring great joy in life.

Great company to lighten up the burden in a day’s work.

Greenery that soothes your mind and spirit..

Invention that makes your life easier and comfortable.

Well, you get it right! It’s SLOGGI!

The Love World Spring collection is made from 90% Polyester (yarn material is produced from 100% recycled plastic bottles) and 10% Elastane. You couldn’t believe it? But it’s true.

Those bra and hipster are made from recycled PET bottles. It is comfy, yet really trendy. With many colourful patterns made from ecologically friendly fabrics, I wouldn’t feel bad wearing them everyday.

I know that inside, I am making a difference in creating a cleaner world.

Let’s create awareness about this and blog about it!

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