What Did You Do For Earth Day?

I came home on Saturday after the decoupage class and then I noticed that my curry leaves plant was so togel..waaa..

This is the culprit, and not only there’s one, there were 4 on the pokok kari…sob!

I will blog about the caterpillars on my gardening blog soon. I am still reading about the complete metamorphosis of butterfly in order for me to write a good, informative entry.

Well, if someone ask me what did I do for Earth Day this year, I would say that I helped rear caterpillars..(at the expense of my curry leaves…huhu!) I hope the curry leaves plant will not die after being eaten voraciously by those hungry caterpillars.


  1. lov the pics fr yr camera. may i know if its a canon or nikon? i cant decide which to buy. i like canon but somehow everyone likes nikon. u r using the portrait lense ke?

    after all the comparison entah2 u r using a sony! hehe!

  2. I’m using an old Sony T30 Cybershot..bought that years ago but still functioning well..the pics are usually cropped, sharpened and whatnot before I put on the blog, edited them using Photoshop 🙂

    most of the pictures were taken using Macro mode function that comes with the camera..one of the gadgets I have no regret buying..really worth the money..I am bad in using DSLR so I stick to this one for all my product photography.

    u r planning to buy DSLR or the normal consumer digital camera? if you want opinion/review on DSLR then you should ask fadzli..heh!

  3. MQ,
    spesis ni jgk tlh membotakkn pokok kari sy bukan setakat pokok kari malahan pokok keladi (yg sememangnya sng nk tanam malahan x byk musuh) diharungnya sekali…betul2 lapar..ulat ni ada yg gelar dgn ulat pemangkas…
    Pokok limau purut pun sama tp dr jenis ulat yg lain lg2 musim panas waktu mmg byk rama2 berterbangan cr port nk bertelur..kdg2 sy biar je boleh jd bhn mengajar anak2 ttg rama2 dan kitaran kehidupannya…..

  4. yin..lepas amik gamba caterpillar ni, esoknya tgk dah hilang ke mana dah..rasanya dorang pegi meng kepompong kan diri utk jadi butterfly la kot..dah check pokok2 lain tak de plak jadi mangsa..dah cukup kot mkn daun2 kari tu..huhu..

  5. As an avid gardener, I try to have everything eco- friendly but it is absolutely hard with caterpillars. They are destructive and as much as I love to have butterflies emerging from my garden…it’s all in the expense of my gardenias and desert rose.

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