I Love Crayola!

We finally bought the Jumbo Crayon at Tango Mango, The Curve. However the Jumbo packs are only available in 8 colors. It is called jumbo since the size is 5″ long × 9/16″ diameter (127 mm × 14 mm). The key primary and secondary colors, in the pack include Blue, Purple, Brown, Red, Orange, Black, Green and Yellow.

Crayola standard crayons measure 3-5/8″ long × 5/16″ in diameter (92 mm × 8 mm) while Crayola Large Size Crayons measure 4″ long × 7/16″ diameter (100 mm × 11 mm). So now you know why this one is called Jumbo..heh!

The shop Mango Tango has all kinds of Crayola products including markers. After browsing at Crayola main website, I realized that they have many more crayon range – triangular, washable just to name a few.

Both Hubby and I really enjoyed the Crayola moment..check out what Hubby drew..heh!

So far, it seems that our son is not really interested to color, but he did scribble and made lines on the paper. We have been showing him the joy of coloring by devoting a few minutes everyday to color his Thomas and Friends workbook.

I am waiting for the Crayola I bought on eBay last night to arrive. Those 2 packs of 24 color crayons were sold at USD1 since I won the bid at the very last minute..heh! The shipping charge is USD10 which even after conversion is still a worth buy.

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