The Garden

Since my son has been able to walk on his own, I have been blessed with more time to spend on the garden. Now that he knows how to “main air” we spent more time during day time in the garden…while he plays around with the water hose, I get the chance to look after all the plants.

Despite the leaves which have been eaten by I-dont-know-what bugs, this particular pot of rose has been blooming every now and then. I think it is rosa centifolia or ros kampung as it has a very strong sweet scented rosy smell. I bought 2 pots of roses from Taman Warisan Pertanian Putrajaya last year, but only this one seems to be more robust than the other one.

But I won’t lose hope just yet..I have been pruning and putting fertilizer on the other pot and hopefully as time goes by, it will bloom great flowers as well. We just have to wait, be patient and remain hopeful..usually plants never let us down especially when you have put in tender loving care for them, day after day.

Rosa, you do cheer up my day!

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