Aaargghh..The Toddler Year..

I bought this book during the last Big Bad Wolf Sale.

The truth is I’ve never heard about the author Jen Singer until I found this book..and I have to admit, she did write a good sane practical solutions for moms of toddlers.

Oh, she also blogs –

One thing that I feel relieved when I read this book is about letting your child watching TV while you take shower or run any errand at home that you must do.

Before that I read somewhere that the American Academy of Pediatrics warned that TV is not for anyone under the age of two.

But tell me, how does a stay at home mom with no one around to help will be able to take her shower with proper soap and wash face with facial cleanser if there is a crying toddler at the bathroom door..(which is of course has been barred with safety gate)

Thank God to Tigger and Pooh, or Dibo The Gift Dragon for their company! At least I could have that 5 (although not so peaceful) minutes of ME-time with their help.

Well, if you are going through a rough phase of handling a toddler like me, go get this book – Stop Second-Guessing Yourself The Toddler Years by Jen Singer. I know you will find some useful tips in it, trust me!

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