Ideas For Birthday

I was watching Chef At Home tonight while waiting for the next round of cartoon that my son likes to watch when Chef Michael showed how he made a simple chocolate cake into a dump truck theme birthday cake for his 5-year-old idea which I hope I could emulate in few years time..heh!

Anyway, for those who are looking for great birthday ideas, perhaps a read through at the website will spark new ideas in your mind. A gift basket sounds like a normal stuff but if it comes with a gift card that says something like “never have to lift a finger today, Mom!”, that would be very touching and sweet.

Imagine having a day off as a mom, that would be something I would treasure so much.

Or if you are really out of ideas on what to do during your kids coming birthday party, a theme like spaceship or safari would be a joy for those curious and imaginative mind. If you have a bunch of creative children coming over for the birthday bash, you should consider throwing something like crayon or face painting party.

For the special man in your life, you can opt for something romantic like a couple massage. If you are the fun type who wouldn’t mind the extra effort, call a catering service (who would want to slave in the kitchen while others are enjoying themselves with the food and drinks?), invite friends to hang out and socialize, be it over a board game or dancing.

Who says being a year older means less fun?

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