Should I?

I always have many things to do every day (at least in my mind..huhu!) I tried to maximize the amount of tasks that could be completed so that by the time I go to sleep, I feel satisfied with myself.

Like today, I did the laundry – 3 round of them (which has not been done since the start of CNY hols), folded and hang the clothes as soon as I took them out from the dryer. Boy! I am so proud of myself, (bukan senang tau nak bertungkus lumus buat kerja rumah dgn ada sorang budak kenit yang menyibuk ke sana ke mari..hehe), I even ironed a shirt for Hubby to wear for his agency meeting/preview this week.

Oh, Sarah.. if you are reading this entry, I found the salami and beef breakfast in Cold Storage Ikano. Not really cheap as the price is 2.99 and 3.99 per 100gm. But I tell you, it’s worth it. Feel like having buffet breakfast in 5-star hotel. And because of that we have been having sandwich for supper 2 nights in a row, even bought Jalapenos to accompany the home made sandwich…ala ala Subway!

Well, coming back to the title above, I have been reading Universiti Terbuka PTS entries for 2 days now. Really feel like I should try my hand in submitting manuscript for them, but what do I write? Fiction? Children book? Craft related book?

Maybe a parenting book would be a good idea, What To Expect In The First Year in Bahasa Melayu..haha!


  1. hi.. i agree psl laundry tu! kadang2 tiba2 ade mood nk buat hsewrk nonstop even with screaming kiddos around! & yes, d pride is there!

    btw, ur a writer ke? cool gile. i wish i’m a published writer…… slalu berangan 😛

  2. tell me about the screaming and the crying kid..huhu..

    I used to write short stories n poems..ada la di publish in local magazines..but that was many many years ago..

    sebab tu kdg2 rasa mcm terpanggil utk menulis semula..but then again tulis blog pon mcm jadi writer jugak kan, cuma tak de royalti je..hehe!

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