Kerepek House 7F Fazz Enterprise

Last weekend we managed to go to Banting to buy kerepek for niece’s wedding reception next January. The first time we bought 10 kg of kerepek ubi masin but once we brought home, SIL only managed to pack 400 small plastic packaging out of that. So we went again last Thursday (Hubby came home early from work as requested by his American manager in the spirit of Christmas..hehe!) to buy another 15kg.

For those who are interested to buy kerepek ubi in bulk, you can try to find the shop – Kerepek House 7F. It is not that difficult because the shop is quite near to the main road – the opposite side from Hospital Banting and Banting Police Station. It is located in the kampung area, not a commercial shop lot, mind you.

As you drive, please look out for the Fazz Enterprise signboard.

They have many kind of kerepek and keropok (jajan) to choose from. We bought muruku kacang peas, another 2 types of muruku, popia mini, tumpi kacang dal, kerepek ubi manis, kerepek pisang salai, kerepek bawang, kerepek pisang tanduk and many more (which I can’t recall their names..heh!)

Check out our hasil tangkapan for ourselves. We are currently out of balang kuih and tupperware to fill in all the kerepek..hehe!

For those who need the complete address and contact number, please check this picture.

The address printed on their kerepek packaging is different from the one stated on the receipt. And for those who have been there, if you noticed, the phone number on the signboard by the road side is no longer valid.

The shop opens till 9:30pm if I’m not mistaken. So if you try to reach there after office hour hopefully you can still make it and buy your choice of kerepek in bulk (if somehow you managed to brave the slow traffic along the kampung road from Dengkil to Banting..huhu!)


  1. salam…..
    saya nak tahu harga satu kampit besar berapa agaknye……kerepek ubi kering, ubi basah, kerepek pisang salai, kerepek ubi manis, dan pisang tanduk……tq

  2. alamak sha, dah tak ingat la harganya..cuba call no fon fazz ent tu, kalau2 dorang nak bgtau baper ringgit sebungkus besar..lagi pon saya pegi beli tahun 2009, ntah2 2011 ni harga pon dah berubah 🙂

  3. Salam …
    Faz ent boleh tolong emailkan untuk saya harga borong untuk setiap jenis kerepek 5kg keatas? saya nk ambik untuk meniaga..please

  4. Wah..byknya…
    kami pun rajin mengunyah kerepek…lastime pergi pekan rabu kat Kedah cari sst yg xde di Pt Raja. Kami jumpa popia bersira yg ranggup mmg best. Xcukup sepeket.

  5. Yin, beli punya la tamak, last2 ada yg terbuang sbb tak habis time bila anak sedara nak kawin boleh la kami pegi membeli lagi..hehe..

  6. MQ,
    sy rs sbb awk rs jarang nk pergi ke situ tu timbul rs tamak konon nk buat stok kan..kan…kan… nnt anak dah besar mcm my kids tu. Kami sama2 enjoy makan kerepek mmg x cukup ….. 🙂

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