Dodol Piramid, Kerepek Ubi

We have been busy for the past few weekends..reason? Niece #2 is getting married and SIL is busy taking care of everything. And us trying to be helpful has done whatever we can to share the burden with her.

So last weekend we managed to reach Banting (will update more about the Kerepek House once I have edited the pictures) and bought 10kg of kerepek ubi which will be packed into guest favors for the wedding reception. We also bought assorted kerepek and muruku for 5 more kg in case SIL need to feed relatives who come to her house the day or two before the wedding (hari pasang telur?)

This weekend we will go to Melaka to buy dodol piramid for 40kg…(SIL’s family will go as well since we plan to makan ikan bakar at Umbai afterwards) Then once we manage to get everything back home, Niece #1 and SIL will be packing those things into the goodie bags. The 800 pcs of cupcakes will be collected on the 8th Jan, and whoever at home akan dikerah tempek riben on top of the plastic containers..keh keh!

SIL plan to rebus telur pindang on Friday before the wedding and I am doing my part of simpan kulit bawang since the past few weeks..haha! We decided to contribute 200++ of gred C eggs for such purpose which will cost about RM50++..(that’s the least we could do on contribution part since I am unable to do more for hantaran, sirih junjung or bunga pahar this time..isk isk..masa dan tenaga tu belakang kira la kan..)

Personally I love wedding, for me it’s the time when we gather with family members, contributing whatever we can for one happy event. I even love the scouting part and getting the items for the event…heh!

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