One More Day…

Lately there are many things that I look forward to..

Simple things like the opportunity to eat and drink in peace whenever the son is finally asleep at 3 am..

Our day out on weekend even though I have to handle a non-stoppable toddler in the car..

A walk around the shopping mall even if I have to carry a sleeping child on my shoulder..

Hubby’s day off from work which means I will have extra hand at home to look after the son so that I can grab some drink, go to toilet or take my shower..

Having a high need son makes me learn on how to be grateful of many small things in life that people usually take for granted, though I have to admit most of the times I long for the old life I used to enjoy..but this is what I asked from God, He gave me a son to raise and I’m going to carry out my responsibility as a mother to the best of my ability, even if I will be the last one to sleep, the last one to eat, the first to rise and make sacrifice in life..


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