4 a.m And Not Sleeping Yet

For the past few days I have been dead tired. I can’t even stay up past 3 am. Managed to read a few pages of the parenting books here and there and then I was off to sleep. But tonight I am able to stay up way past 4 am since somehow the son has fell asleep at 1:30am.

The son is pushing the limit of our patience these days with all his tantrum and melalak tak puas hati (and he’s not even 2, mind you..and people say it’s the terrible two..isk!)

He is learning to walk on his own so sometimes he feels really frustrated. And him being a spirited child always on the go-go-go (which I know will be a great quality once he grows up but now being a toddler, mmg sangat menyeksakan mak bapak..huhu!)

But once he falls asleep, looking at his peaceful face, I have to admit that I am grateful that he is the way he is, I wouldn’t trade him for another mandom, very quiet, budak baik yang duduk diam2, letting the world goes around without him noticing a thing.

Sometimes my heart beams with pride when I see a part of my personalities emerging in him. We are a bunch of courageous, strong headed with big heart people, which is why your Abah loves us so much, though we drive him nuts over time..haha!

My dear son, may you grow up wiser and be a great man! I love you with all my might and soul..


  1. oh..part anak buat perangai tu mmg tak tahan..kdg2 buat hati kering sbb kalo dilayan i’ll either nak cubit or scream..so better ambik pendekatan kering..hehehe..but really when tgk diorang tido..sejuk hati balik kan?

  2. hey belated happy birthday to your son 🙂

    dah pandai jalan eh? yeah hope his terrible tantrum will be over soon when he can master the art of walking 🙂

    my son was taking his first steps not too long ago. since then dia jadi independent boy. not much crying. sbb dia jalan byk hehe lega sikit i. sekarang dia dah jadi ligat pulak.

  3. ida..i am yet to spank, pinch or whatnot my son, pernah la tampar tgn dia..pastu after i read a parenting book – Positive Discipline The First Three Years yg ckp cara tu tak bagus utk didik anak terus i tak pukul dah..now i’m using nonpunitive method – supervise, redirect, distract..lagi berkesan dari jerit2 or cubit..hehe..

    fabmama, thanks for the wish, my son sejak dpt kaki ni..tido mlm2 pon awal dari selalu, letih kot kan..mama dia yg rasa lega..hehe..

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