The Aquaria KLCC Visit

Just as I managed to upload all these pictures using the very-very slow broadband connection at home, I realized that I didn’t put watermark on them..sigh! I am too tired to delete everything, edit them in Photoshop and upload again..I hope that nobody will be so jahat and curi all of these edited pictures.

Well, during the Raya holiday, we made it to Aquaria KLCC. There were many Chinese and foreign tourists at Aquaria that day. We didn’t make it for the shark and piranha feeding show but I did ask Hubby to snap as many pictures as possible while I held our son in Baby Bjorn.

The piranha doesn’t look very scary, right? It looks like ikan bawal..haha! Oh, we took the combo package for RM58 per person – Aquaria and Aquazone. We loved the fish spa. We planned to again to the fish spa if we go for HomeDec this weekend.

It was pretty exciting and informative visit for me. I learned a lot of new things. I touched belangkas, starfish and saw the real alive seahorses. I was hoping to share the picture of the big Arapaima (it is as big as a goat) but I couldn’t find a good shot…(and one without my face in it..heh!) So you guys will have to make do with this lionfish picture..hehe!

We enjoyed the trip very much and will definitely bring our son again once he’s bigger and more curious to know about aqua life..heh!


  1. Depends how long you want to spend at each exhibit i.e to read the info,check out the animals, take pictures..if you are not the reading type, you could walk around and finish the tour in just 30 minutes..haha!

  2. kitaorg bawak iman pegi aquaria semalam.. 🙂 tapi mmg gmbar sgt blur laa tensi2.. last2 aku byk amik video je..

    nnti kot rajin aku update dlm blog..

  3. amik pakai camera biasa mmg blur, aku menggunakan khidmat photog personal a.k.a hubby with DSLR..tu yg buleh dpt gamba sebegini..kalo tak jgn harap aku, aku guna amik video je..

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