Open House, Viral Fever..

Both of us have been down with viral fever since the weekend..huhu! Luckily Hubby is still healthy to take care of us in the house. He was on EL on Monday since I was not really strong to take care of our son alone. We went to see the paed, and oh boy, we have never seen so many sick children before in the clinic since the past visits. Must be the flu bug in the country..huhu!

Actually I have not been feeling well since last Wednesday but I thought it’s something that I ate that causing discomfort to my throat. Usually I will go and see the doctor and take medicine before I really fall sick. This time I took things for granted and poor little one has to suffer instead. It’s his first time having flu and viral fever. Blame Mama for that!!

We managed to go to both open house invitations during the weekend. As usual my fever will only happen at night, so after the open house, I went to see the doc on Sunday, took the medicine prescribed and by Monday morning, I realized that our son has been infected as well. Kesian dia…

Being us the keen parents, we tried all the remedy available – air kelapa muda, jelum kepala air daun bunga melur, kool fever, lap badan with wet towel, giving him bath every now and then, endlessly holding him, cuddling and giving hugs, memberi kata-kata semangat and pujukan supaya cepat baik and of course we dilligently counting the hours to feed him the medicine. Alhamdullillah as of the time I am typing this, he’s well again.

After this I will be more careful to monitor my own health and hopefully our son will have a stronger antibody after his first fever experience..heh!


  1. The perks of SAHM, children rarely get sick! I can’t count how many trips to the clinic since we had a baby..almost every month!

  2. teringat masa jg aaqil dulu… eventho kite selsema/dmm, die still ok.. once start keje, evrythng haywire 🙁

  3. Ida, I think he got the immune system from his abah, if it were from me, sebulan sekali wajib demam..hehe..but then again since I’m a SAHM, tak risau pasal kena MC or EL jaga anak sakit..part yg tu mmg bersyukur sgt la..

    nana, rasanya bila anak sakit ni lagi mencabar dari mama yg la dugaan membesarkan anak, ek!

  4. MQ.. aduhai.. semoga cepat pulih semuanya ya.. bila dah jadi ibu ni, kesihatan kita yang paling penting.. kalo tak dengan suami kene EL.. hehe cam Haidir.. yelah nak jaga anak2.. ^-^

  5. my trips to the clinic selalunya psl selsema and cough la..nazif rarely got fever cuma dua mende tu lah..but still..dia tgk dr skrg pun dah terjerit2 mcm fobia gitu!

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