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I know most people are still busy celebrating Hari Raya. I was tired with all this Raya commotion and decided to indulge in something more beneficial. After all my son won’t be a baby forever and since his brain grows rapidly in these first 2 years, I decided to do what’s best for him.

Initially I was with Hubby about teaching baby to read. Logically what’s good is there if your 3 year old knows how to read, right? It’s not like he can use the skills to earn a living..haha! But after thorough research (thanks to, I decided it’s best if I start now. I even bought a book by Glenn Doman..can’t wait to read it once it has arrived..hehe!

Just to share what I found on the website:

Infant researcher Robert Titzer believes it is considerably easier to learn to read as a baby or preschooler than it is to start learning in first grade.

“There’s a natural window of opportunity for learning language, and that window begins at birth and goes through [to] around age four years,” he says.

“That’s when it’s easier for a baby to learn second languages, sign language, spoken language, or the written form of language.”

In fact, studies have shown that children who learn to read earlier (at age three or four) maintain their advantage over children who learn at an average age (five or six) or late age (seven or eight) for as long as eight years.

What’s more, being able to read well from an early age has an impact on learning as a whole. Since reading is the gateway to acquiring knowledge, early readers have a head start when it comes to learning just about anything. This has a tendency to make them perform better in a range of academic subjects.

On another note, if you wonder why babies like to taste everything they touch, here is some explanation:

Delivering information through several sensory channels is a powerful teaching method because it is easier to remember something we have experienced in a number of ways. Like the flash method, this type of teaching engages the right hemisphere of the brain (albeit in a different way).

Unlike the left brain, which learns through logic and reasoning, the right brain learns through feeling, doing, and visualizing (pictures rather than words).

This is why young children – who are right-brain dominant until the age of three and a half – instinctively try to touch and taste every object they come across.


  1. mq salam aidilfitri to you & family.

    yeah i have started my little kiddo learning words using Robert Titzer’s dvd your baby can read.

    tapi my son mana la nak duduk diam watching it..but at least i try kan…he can just sit queitly for about few seconds ajer.

  2. Salam Aidilfitri to you too, fabmama!

    Have you tried reading to him? In my case, I was not into any of these flash card or DVD lessons as I prefer real books. So we usually spend quiet time pondering on board books.

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