Aidilfitri 2009

This year celebration started with lampu ketupat..heh! We bought 2 sets at Jusco, one is the LED set and the other one is the typical lampu cepat terbakar with ketupat at the bottom of the rows.

Like last year’s tradition, we managed to balut about 1.5kg ketupat palas (sadly, daun palas we bought semua kenit2, tak lebar which make it hard to come out with big ketupat). This year the acara balut ketupat was done 2 days earlier from the Aidilfitri, reason being we were afraid that with a clingy son, it would be too packed to jam all the cooking tasks on Saturday.

I cooked nasi berperisa on the Raya morning itself (all the rempah and bahan were prepared the night before), and I made the acar timun the night before and kept in the fridge. Hubby cooked rendang with my supervision and I cooked kari daging as cicah ketupat on Saturday evening..(nasib baik Raya was on Sunday as expected..huhu!)

I got my balang kuih raya at last..heh! Very tempted to buy all those crystals or kaca bergaya ala Queen Anne but I guess until our son is big enough and we have a bigger formal dining table, these will do for now..janji kuih raya sedap..haha! Oh, samperit bunga was made by Hubby..delicious!!

For me, even with ala kadar Raya, I enjoyed the festive time with the family and the memories of first Aidilfitri with our beloved son. On second day of Raya, we went out and spent good time in Aquaria, siap masuk Fish Spa tau..hehe! Will blog about that later if I have time..hehe!

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