My Brestfriend Travel Pillow For Sale

I bought this before I delivered my son many months ago. The intention was to use it while breastfeeding him. But since he nursed almost all day and night long, I resorted to breastfeed him while lying down.

So since I hardly even use this pillow for nursing (and have no intention to keep it for the next baby), I am letting it go for RM100. I bought this from ebay and with the international postage I think it costs me even more than RM100, but I couldn’t find the transaction receipt.

Last week I checked at Metrojaya, they are selling the non-travel type for RM188.

Please check out the details in myBrestfriend official website – Travel Pillow.

This is how it will look like once you inflate the travel pillow and put on its cover. The design of the cover is sunburst (in soft green).

For those who are new to all these breastfeeding “gadget” you can check out the features that most moms will find useful.

For anyone interested to buy, kindly leave comment with your valid email address, and I will get back to you soon.

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