The Orange Wedding

It’s that time of the year again, when people get wed and hold their wedding reception. As a matter of fact, an ex student of mine already invited me for her June reception a few months ago. Thus prompting me to dig this old picture of orange wedding we attended in March this year.

I am not sure what is the favorite color theme for 2009 wedding, have to go to several wedding to come to a strong conclusion, but my guess is it will be something in golden tone. Like last year (2008) the favorite color is turqoise or something blue-tone.

To all getting married this year, may you be blessed and strong enough to brave the journey of married life, it could be a sweet experience throughout but can’t expect it to be less bitter. Whatever obstacles that may come your way, hold on and endure it together, as that’s the real test of love you have for each other.

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