Gimme Some ME-Time

This Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo has been a Godsent gift for me these days…especially when I need ample time to grab some instant lunch (I was on Sri Kulai microwave-able 4-minutes meals most of the time).

At least with the son put in the Jumperoo, I don’t have to be worried of him being tergolek, tertiarap on the floor. He can roll over to the left or to the right, but still is unable to turn back to the normal position, thus the cry for help..huhu!

I hope he can sit unsupported soon so that he won’t be so bored lying down or being on his tummy most of the time. Of course the best remedy for him to stop crying will be a hug from Mama, berdukung all the time walking around the house.

With an almost 7 kg weight, lugging him around a few hours a day, I don’t need to lift dumb bell anymore..huhu!

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