KLCC, Jumperoo & Anakku

On Sunday we went to Maxis Centre in KLCC to return the USB modem and get the Power WiFi package. It was the first trip for 3 of us to KLCC, not that we frequent that place that often even back then as a couple. I feel that KLCC is too crowded with all kind of people, making it really serabut to shop for anything..heh! Our favorite shopping malls are Subang Parade, Ikano and The Curve.

We managed to get everything settled (despite the stupid and rude customer service) and quickly left KLCC and headed to The Curve. Initially I was planning to check out forward facing car seat since our little one seems to be really restless in his current seat nowadays.

We went into Metrojaya and I asked Hubby to put our son in the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo, and he loved it! huhu…Hubby was all into buying it (Hubby being tak sampai hati..hehe) but since the box is big, I thought we should go around and do more shopping before we get back into Metrojaya and buy it.

So off we went to Ikano, had tea at Kluang Station, went to Cold Storage and bought solid food for our son (some Gerber cereal rice, Gerber organic applesauce and Farley’s Rusk – not sure which one he’ll like since it’s his first solid food) and then we went back to The Curve to buy some items from Anakku boutique.

Since the current house is bigger and it takes me longer to reach him upstairs (and the possibility of not hearing him cry if we watch TV in the living hall), we decided to buy a baby monitor. Plus there is 10% discount in Anakku. Bought a few more long and short pants for his baju basahan and Sebamed cream (was looking for BUDS diaper rash barrier cream but the Mothercare outlet there are out of stock) and then we headed back to Metrojaya. I decided to sign up for Metrojaya member card as well since the Jumperoo is kind of expensive (sayang pulak kan the bonus point)..in fact I have been planning to be their card member for so long but since we hardly shop in Metrojaya before so no point in establishing membership..heh!

As I am updating this entry, my son is enjoying his Jumperoo..giving me a few good minutes to have some ME-time..hehe!


  1. hi, i intended to get a jumperoo for my baby. I wonder how long will she enjoy it as she’s now 6 months + and started crawling already. How old was your son when you got him this jumperoo. Is he still enjoying it now?

  2. Hi, may i know your review on the Anakku baby monitor? Would you recommend me to buy this product? Thank you.

  3. Casey, the brand is CORE. So far it is still functioning well. I think they have 2 types, one is you can only listen but cannot respond, another one you can talk back to the baby like walkie talkie.

    We bought the one where we can only listen as it is cheaper (around RM200). For now we put the monitor quite far from where our son sleep (on the bed) while he sleeps on the mattress on the floor, but since we usually will on the classical Mozart CD, we can still listen to the song and at the same time can hear if he makes any noise if he’s awake.

    Oh, the monitor set which we put near the baby looks like a bunny and it has a night light…my son likes to play around with the on/off light switch. They also have one in bear shape.

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