Moving In Progress

-Looked around for a contractor to install grill. Found one by recommendation. He came and measured, gave the price and we agreed. Paid the deposit. Will have 7 x 7 ft wall at the washer area as well for an additional cost of RM800.

-Should we apply the permit from Majlis Perbandaran or we let the contractor do the grill installing job secretly..hehe..kena fine baru padan muka. Buat permit pon kena bayar tau…

– Will have to pay RM1.5k deposit to the developer for the minor renovation job, unless we do everything “illegally” since the contractor already has his access pass from his previous grill job..jahat la management ni..ada aje nak cilok duit org..huhuhu..

– Have to look around for contractor to do the wiring, fans and lamps installation. Later air cond and Astro installation.

– Need to go to Macy to survey for curtains (at least for the sliding door) and curtain rails/rods?? ada ke bajet for rod? hehe…

– Hubby wants to check out lighting in IKEA for his work from home room. My craft room? Lampu kalimantang lagi terang nak buat keje..heh!

– Will have to buy more padlocks.

Hopefully the maintenance office will rectify all the defects as soon as possible so that we can do the second round check. Even the toilet seat, sink, shower head have not been installed..kena test later kalau leaking..have to push them to do the job faster..duit nak cepat, buat keje mcm siput..huh!


  1. Tahniah & selamat masuk rmh baru. Sure byk benda kena settle
    My sis pun br nk msk rmh pasang grill rupa2nya grill tu senget kn buat balik kena tunggu lg.
    Tp dia selamat ler dr kena angkut brg sbb tgh pantang anak sulung kat rmh mak.
    Sure semangat membara nak mendeco rmh lps ni…
    kami still house hunting…

  2. dont worry, still got that 18 months of defect liability period from the developer right after you took the keys, kan?

    happy house decorating!

  3. Yin, thanks! Mmg byk benda nak kena settle, duit pon kuar mcm air..kan best kalau dpt tanam pokok duit, nak guna je terus petik..hehe..

    j-jay, mmg ada liability period tu, tapi lagi lambat dorang betulkan defect, lg lambat la aku dpt masuk rumah..installment dah start bayar full, sewa umah lagi..adeeihhh…

    azam pindah umah baru, tak nak decorate lebih2..nak minimize all the clutter, nanti serabut sgt, susah nak kemas..hehe!

  4. nur, tak sempat nak kemas apa asyik melekap je..tapi akan diusahakan jugak sebab nak pindah masuk umah sendiri cepat2..hehehe..

    boleh jumpa kat pasar tani nanti ek..hehe..

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