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16 Random Facts About Yourself

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog/Facebook note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment or tag them in your note to read this.

1. I despise stupid people, especially men that boast around, berlagak pandai like tong kosong..heh! On the other hand, I admire smart and wise people (not necessarily highly educated).

2. I can cook but I have problem when it comes to making kuih muih or bake cookies (things that need accurate measurement and rigid method). I will for sure terlebih sukat the ingredients…I think I tend to be over generous with the cooking ingredients so that it tastes good..hehe!

3. I always want a double storey house since I was a child, Alhamdulillah will move in into one soon! There was once an advertisement on TV whereby the husband brings the wife to the house (after looking around for their dream home) and gives her the house keys, it brought tears to my eyes.

4. Yes, I am that romantic and sentimental. Sad movies, touching novels, good love songs do make me cry.

5. I don’t mind washing clothes everyday but I hate cleaning up, like buang sampah, cleaning the dishes, mop the floor, vacuum the carpet, scrub the toilet..huhu!

6. When I go to the beach, I can’t stand the sand melekat di kaki, mesti basuh before naik kereta balik. The same goes if something sticky or wet, like kalau amik air semayang pon mesti lap kering-kering.

7. I think I never eat jering, but I eat all kind of busuk stuff like petai, pekasam, budu, belacan, tempoyak..heh!

8. I don’t like durian and all food with durian in it like pengat, lempok but I do eat tempoyak. Funny, huh?

9. I can’t stand people membodohkan diri like reality show Raja Lawak..huhu..I normally will switch channel (TV or radio) because I feel pain that the callers or the participants are humiliating themselves in front of others.

10. I am very bad in sports or any athletics activity. Hubby said I have otot-otot sukan yang lemah like Nobita..haha!

11. I can write, and I think I am good with words. I won many writing competitions before, some of my writing were even published in local magazines.

12. I used to be flirtatious but with a possessive and jealous Hubby, NOW? no way…heh!

13. I like songs but never adore the singers. The same goes with actors, I like their characters in the movies or series but I think most of them in person are superficial or plain stupid..keh keh!

14. I try not to be judgmental and really hate it that people who hardly know me judge me.

15. I have high tolerance to people, thus why I am able to conduct classes and put up with all kind of people with absurd traits..hehe!

16. I have degree in engineering but I have no intention to work in the field. The 2-month stint during practical was enough for me. I wanted to work in private and corporate sectors, been there done that (it was not that glorious either) so I am fine with my “job” position now.

I think I will not tag anyone in particular, but if friends who read my blog like Sya, Nann, Yus, J-Jay (who else has blog?) would like to share about themselves, you are welcome to do this tag!

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