Fabric Crazy..huhu!

Damn!! I think I got the online shopping bug again, huhu! After the baby things, folk art, scrapbook stuffs, now I am onto fabric.

Check out website like quilthome.com and fatquartershop.com and you will understand why I got attracted. Blame it on my maternal instinct to make pillow case for my son..heh! Recently I bought American cotton fat quarter size from a local seller and then when I read another craft blog who is into fabric frenzy (she’s making clothing for her super cute daughter), I know now why people could get into all this fabric stashing..huhu!

These fabrics collection are just great, with designs made by famous designers like Amy Butler, Sandi Henderson, Anna Maria Horner, just to name a few. I knew Amy Butler from her line of scrapbooking stuffs for K & Company – BELLE and SOLA. I never know that she designs for textile as well..heh! Oh, BTW all these designers do have personal blog..

I’m still thinking whether I should buy the fabric..this is very tempting..huhuhu!


  1. kan biasanya bila lady shopping terutama fabric nak kena tengok, rasa ,serta menggayakan dan sebagainya (walaupun beli sarung bantal hehe ) macam mana nak buat semua tu bila soping online ya hehe

  2. Kalau yg dah biasa beli, mmg buleh tau la kualiti dia mcm mana..quilt fabric ni pon ada weight dia, kain tebal ke lembut ke, kalau beli2 kena yg agak tebal tu simpan la buat benda lain, beg ke, apron ke..hehe!

  3. gosh! rasa mcm dah lama gile tak chat ngan ko sampaikan when i read this post, aku duk fikir, oh ko dah tau boy or girl anak ko, sbb nya aku duk fikir you are still pregnant!! gile tak aku.. been busy+sick+emotional+confused+depressed lately.. hope to catch up with you soon.. btw, the house is mine. dah settle tukar nama, waiting for the new grant to be issued.. i feel so happy.. yet sad at the same time.. strange eh??

  4. nan, ko mmg giler..hahah..bukan ke ko dah dtg visit aku masa time aku dlm pantang..huhuh..we will have to find time to chat but with a cranky child I have now, bukan kata nak mkn, nak pegi toilet pon susah..nak chat apatah lagi..huhuhu!

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