The Year of Ox

I maybe a bit superstitious when it comes to all this prediction and zodiac thingy…well, I only believe the good part so since the Year of Ox 2009 is considered to be unlucky year for people who are born in the Year of Sheep (yours truly), I found this entry – Born in the Year of the Goat: Year of the Ox 2009 Predictions and Forecast refreshing. Although I’m not sure how accurate it is since the entry was updated in November last year, heh!

Reading a few more predictions, I came to a conclusion that this year despite the fact that the Ox year doesn’t favor those born in Sheep year, we, the Sheep people just need to work harder in order to thrive in life, love and career. Oh, BTW for 1979 Sheep, the Earth element plays a good role this year since this year is Ox Earth year. Quoted from

“Earth element people have a very good luck for the year of ox (Earth). Earth element people will enjoy good news at the second half of the year. Attempt to involve more on the social activities. It will help you to gain more opportunity in your career or wealth. In addition, Good wealth luck brings in extra money. Just remember to do more good deeds and improve personal relations.”

See, there’s still hope for good fortune this year..hehe!


  1. Thanks for finally finding something positive for the Sheep (1979) in the yr of the ox. All that I have been reading is so terribly negative and upsetting 🙂

    Great work,

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