What I’ve Learned…

Over the past 45 days I’ve learned many things – baby related and not so baby related.

Among the many things, I just realized that Andrea Bocelli is blind. I watched his performance in Martha Stewart show one night that I woke up for night time nursing (at 2-3am) and was wondering why he looks blind, the way he sang and later talked to Martha, and the fact that he is..huhu!

Rachael Ray show is not bad either. I’m not sure whether her cooking is really as good as it looks on TV, though. Oh, the Lost casts are no longer lost in the island…somehow 6 of them survive while the rest disappeared together with the island…(well, I already lost hope to understand the storyline in Lost since Season 2)

8TV does have good and among the latest season of many series like Gilmore Girls, Prison Break, One Tree Hill. I never notice much of what 8TV has since all these while I only watch our favourite channels on Astro such as HBO, Travel and Living, Star World and AXN.

Baby related, I realized that I am an efficient (adept?) mom when it comes to bathing, changing diaper and taking care of the baby on my own. While Hubby is at work, I still manage to cook and do laundry, take shower and eat lunch while baby is sleeping and somehow noticing that I am not around, crying…huhu!

Oh, I can still manage to read magazines, books and digest the info despite the lack of sleep that I endure these days. But I do suffer from short term memory lost, asking Hubby over and over again whether he has turn off the rice cooker..heh!

Another thing, I learned that when you have had the same bland meals for more than 30 days, everything else that you take for granted before like kek pisang and nasi goreng kampung taste much, much better and more yummy. And of course my taste buds need adjustment as well as I can’t really gauge how much salt and sugar to season my cooking.

I have many more to share but with such a time constraint, I better eat my supper before the baby awakes and start to merengek..heh!


  1. Ms dulu takut tak boleh nk manage sumenya bl tempoh situasi tu sape sangka kita boleh buat…
    Bl ler blh tgk baby ni…

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