When You’re A Mom…

It’s been a while since I managed to update this blog, not that I can’t be online..it’s just that the time has been occupied with something else.

I realized that when you are a stay-at-home mom, the time you have for yourselves is really precious. You have to juggle between the feeding, the sleeping and the waking up time that your child schedules for you. Whatever that need to be done must be done within that time space, you miss it, you lose it. Whether you want to chat with a friend, to reply an email or to take your shower, all must be done quickly.

And when you say the prayers, you really mean it – like Ya allah, please don’t rain yet, wait till my laundry dries, or Alhamdullilah when the baby sneezes and one lump of boogey comes out from his nose, or when you sigh in relief, Thanx God knowing that the baby poops after 3 days (not that it is uncommon for exclusively BF baby).

Now I understand why people pray for good health. Not that I didn’t pray for my health before…but this time I really wouldn’t want to fall sick, be it fever or flu, Nauzubillah if it’s something more serious. Not solely being selfish in wanting to be healthy, it’s more to taking care of the baby – who will feed, change, bathe him if I don’t have the energy to run the household. I can’t afford to sleep after taking the flu medicine like I used to – what if he’s hungry and I don’t hear his cry while I am sleeping soundly.

When you’re a mom, you put your child first and foremost in the priority list. It’s not fun and easy all the time but I’m sure as he grows up, the time and effort I put into it will be priceless.

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  1. hmm betul tu MQ.. segalanya diaturkan oleh anak.. terutama baby lah.. kita lambat, kita yg susah nanti… kita sakit… kita dan baby jugak yg ssh nanti… kita kn selalu sihat.. kalo tak, kalutlah suami kesayangan kita tu nanti.. ahaks!

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