Babylon A.D, Nasi Kandar Pelita & DVDs..

We went out yesterday after work. Hubby asked whether I want to watch movie in Sunway..yeay..since Babylon A.D is the latest movie I thought it will be a good idea to watch it..but damn, it was strong storyline, makes Vin Diesel look stupid in that movie and the ending was like blekk..apa punya citer la ni..huhu..

But we managed to make it to Tony Roma’s for my teringin-nak-mkn-western craving before the show, I was greedy enough takmo share Full Rack with Hubby, in the end I ate like one rib, Hubby ate 2 and tapau the balance of 3 ribs..heh! Oh, I love their fried mushroom..

Still got around 15 minutes before the show and we went inside Parkson, never know yesterday was their Bonuslink day, got myself 2 more pants and briefs…tengok2 handbag but it’s not really necessary, still couldn’t find any blouse that I like but OK la, janji ada seluar muat nak pakai with my current bulging tummy..then after the movie told Hubby nak makan nasik pulak..

Since we were already in the vicinity of Subang area, Nasi Kandar Pelita at SS15 will be my choice. Actually what I want to do is to check the DVD shop opposite of the restaurant..heh! Got 6 more new DVDs…yeay seronok…I got Wanted, Hancock, The Deception, Mummy, Atonement and can’t remember another one..

Well, that’s it the update for today. I am still contemplating whether to go out or not today..heh! The long weekend started early for me..can’t help feeling all the glow inside…ceh!

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