The Choice of Raya Cookies..

I’m done thinking whether to make raya cookies for this year or just to the end I decided to just buy from the usual seller, my senior from school. At least I know how the cookies taste like so it will save me from the embarrassment – kuih raya tak sedap pon, rupa je cantik, rasa hampeh..bla bla..These days the 50pcs cookies usually cost around RM23-27, but when you calculate all other hidden cost – time, energy, effort spent doing the cookies, I think it is not worth it to make my own raya cookies.

If I were to make my own kuih raya perhaps it will be cornflake madu as it is the easiest and doesn’t test my skill with the dough. Not that Hubby is so fond of eating raya cookies, it’s just an obligation to have some for the celebration and perhaps for Hubby to bring to his office later.

And if I feel like it maybe I can bake a moist choc cake for Hubby to bring to whatever Raya pot luck the office might hold after the festive season. So do you think 5 types of raya cookies will be enough? heh!


  1. i don’t even have to think about it..haha. dah sah2 beli. KALAU rajin, buat cake..chewah. mcm real tak?hahaha..

  2. tu la certain things lagi berbaloi beli..nanti raya dtg umah aku tau..hehe! aku pon nak mkn la kek yg ko buat sendiri..cemana la rasanya ek..haha!

  3. kak, ada tak ko tau mana2 yg jual tart nenas (bunga), x mau yg ulat tu.. yg sedappp? aku nakkk…teringin yang tu…nak order laa kot2 ko leh recommend mana2 yg sedap..

    tu lah, sekrg semua belasah kuih ‘tunjuk’ je..:D

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