The Long Merdeka Weekend

Since it’s the long merdeka weekend, we decided to go out on Saturday instead of the Merdeka day itself, konon to avoid the traffic and mass people. But it was wrong as people started to go shopping early..despite that we managed to reach Mid Valley to check out Planète Enfants Mamours Store and Toy “R” Us.

We even went to Jusco to check out Sweet Cherry range of baby cot and stroller. I think we will buy Graco stroller and IKEA baby cot. For infant seat/car seat we still have not found the range that we like, whether to buy a separate infant seat then later buy child car seat or buy the more expensive one which is convertible.

We didn’t buy any of the baby stuff but we bought magazines and book from MPH. I found one great book for card making at discounted price. Then I bought 2 scoops of Baskin Robbins ice cream, didn’t realize that the 31% off offer was already in, no wonder the queue for the ice cream was very long. Not that I am planning to eat one whole tub of ice cream though..heh!

Sunday we didn’t go out. Spent most of the day spring cleaning. Cleared up 2 drawers to put baby clothes. I think we have enough of the newborn clothes so no need for more shopping. Ju called at night asking whether I want to eat after dinner at Mamak we went to take the laksa from her place. Spent the whole night watching 2 movies – The Mummy and Wanted.

Around 4:30am we drove to Mc D for sahur but was told their breakfast only start at 5am…ceh..buang karan je. Came back home and made my own scrambled egg.

Monday, first day of puasa I thought of having Ramadhan buffet in Alamanda but Penang Village only start their promotion on 5th Sept. So I cooked rice and around 5:30pm went out to pasar ramadhan. Quite a lot of selection, got my tepung pelita, even cucur udang kuah kacang and lauk pauk.

Overall the long weekend went well. I have a nice, relaxing time with Hubby. The baby stuffs shopping will resume after Hari Raya. The rest of September will be spent leisurely, hopefully.


  1. among the thing i miss most about having him around – lazying around at home with no particular plan! having to plan my wknds and holidays nowadays sgt la tak best and sometimes could already spoil the excitement!
    and miss the late night supper too.. sob..sob..

  2. Nann, I know it’s not easy for you to brave through all that, but you are tougher than you think you are :)once erina is bigger you will have someone to plan all that together..

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