The Monday Update

This was meant to be done during Monday but I was too busy chatting..hehe..then Hubby was coming home for dinner and I rushed to cook dinner, did the laundry and went to Jusco for groceries shopping. Amusingly, Jusco was out of cili merah and cili padi, must be the shopping people did on weekend, not even the organic vege department has a single chili. Hopefully my stock in the fridge will last for the next few days since next week we will be leaving for Dungun. So I will only be doing cooking for another 6 days (minus the weekend – my kitchen off day)

I bought apple and grape and did fruit n vege salad like what I had at Ju’s house for late night supper (1 am kira supper ke?..hehe) These days macam tak de selera nak mkn nasik..huhu..I bought papaya as well.

Emm..what I did on weekend..Friday went to Alamanda to watch The Dark Knight. I was starving before the show, luckily they have 1901 hotdog. After the show thought to have dinner at Johnny’s (again) but massive people sampai nak cari tempat mkn pon susah, ended up I had noodle set at TCRS. Saturday felt like eating something different so we went to the Curve, had beryani at Colonial Times. Somehow jalan from Papier tu ada pulak sales kat Anakku outlet, 50% off plak tu..apa lagi borong lagi baju baby..good bargain tu mana nak dpt 50% sales. Went into MPH and found the childcare book I was looking for. Went into Borders but couldn’t find anything interesting to buy. Oh, they have like buy 1 CD Audio, free another CD with cheaper price but I didn’t find any artist I like.

On the way home, beli durian 8 bijik tepi jalan..actually we planned to buy like 3 bijik but the seller nak lelong plak…can’t resist bila benda lelong2 ni…hahaha.. Now I have like 2 big bottles of home made Sunday we didn’t go anywhere, I cooked ikan kembung masak asam tumis using SIL’s recipe, sambal belacan tempoyak with ulam petai, jenahak goreng and some ikan masin. Dinner pon tak keluar mana-mana, we finished up the leftover from lunch.

Can’t wait to finish up my wedding project, another week to go, sempat ke nak siap bunga dip ni..kalau tak siap, sure kena pancung dgn SIL..hahaha!

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