I Think…

I think I felt the baby moved when I tried to sleep last night..hehe..I know the baby has been moving actively but I still could not feel it until last night..like one big gushh..and then silence. Hubby was fast asleep by then so I could not share the excitement, plus since the baby has not been moving frequent enough, I thought I will just wait for another few weeks before I let Hubby feel it..heh!

Actually we have Friday’s appointment for 20 weeks check up with the doctor, but I think I will go once the wedding is over. After all we just had the detailed scan last 2 weeks.

Emm..Niece’s nikah dress has been beaded, now the kain pulak..then the whole reception set. I am still doing the kelopak lily for bunga dip..bencinya la buat kelopak2 dawai tu..eiii…I hope I would be able to sew beads on the baju kurung I plan to wear during the event. Otherwise since I will be wearing the same baju for Hari Raya, I will sew the beads later. Hopefully the kain baju kurung will still fit by early September..kalau tak muat, pakai baju aje, kain tak payah..hahahah!

Dinner tonight, I think I will cook asam pedas rebus, goreng ikan jenahak (lagi?) and not sure whether to fry the vege or not..dah bosan makan sayur yang sama..feel like makan ulam, tapi ulam apa pon yg ada..Hubby has another meeting/project discussion tonight, so that will make 3 in a row this week. What to do, US based company, kita malam dorang siang..tak pe nanti August boleh amik one week leave, lepak2 kat rumah..hehe! By that time I won’t be having any commitment so boleh la ronggeng2 kan..yeay!

I think that’s it for today, remind me to water the new pandan plants tonight before CSI. I have a lot of tender loving care to do to my plants after this August event, kesian pokok2 ku semua terbiar..huhu!

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  1. Tu blm masuk bulan2 genting (start 7 bln) masa tu dah sendat2 perut ni. Time tulah Najmi kat dalam buat gerak2 boleh nampak turun naik, kdg2 rs tegang semacam org tua kata anak kat dlm tgh mengeliat.Najmi mmg aktif smp doktor x blh nk snap gambar scan dan jantinanya pulak confirm lps lahir sbb doktor x jumpa masa tu.Kdg bl masak rs mcm kn tendang2 perut tu..skrg dh besar dah dia..:)
    Take care n keep the moment…

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