32, Half A Sleeve

I am done beading the akad nikah veil, completed 32 pieces of bunga stokin gantung and managed to sew beads on half of the baju nikah sleeve..huhu..so what is left to be done before 6th August is another 28 of the bunga stokin, 70 pieces of bunga pahar lili dip and beading for the whole set of baju bersanding and finish up the akad nikah attire beading (what about my own baju kurung for the kenduri??)

This is why people have a team of helpers for wedding and not one person to do it all. If I have ample time I would love to sew beads on the whole baju as I find it very relaxing compared to bunga telur making, plus the charges for sewing beads on wedding attire are usually higher (RM200++ per set). Since I am not charging anything this time, consider them as my wedding gift to the Niece and her husband..heh!

Well, Hubby said he got free tickets to watch Dark Knight at 6:30pm at Alamanda, and he’s coming back to pick me up..yeay..kena mandi and bersiap2..ok la gimme some chance, have to take a break from all this nerve wrecking chores..berbinau dah mata aku mengadap beads tu..heh!

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